Sunday, May 10, 2009

somewhere in china

It hardly feels like I am, but I am flying to China tonight on a "business trip" - I'll be spending the next week looking at fruit fields and packaging factories. Crazy? Indeed! I'm very excited, and also quite nervous about the prospect, having never been there before. In honour, here's an excellent Shop Assistants clip from BBC Scotland. I wish there were more TV shows for bands to play on these days - I used to love seeing touring bands play in specially-designed sets for them, then have awkward interviews afterwards.

P.s. Saw two Cannanes-related bands at the Old Bar in Fitzroy last night - Ashtray Boy (who hadn't played in about two years) and New Estate. Lucky me! New Estate attract a most ardent following - people in the crowd brought their own shakers to add to the rhythm section. Dedication, that's for sure.

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