Monday, May 4, 2009

the aislers set peel session

Like many, The Aislers Set rank as one of my favourite, favourite bands - their songs are just perfect, and Linton's lyrics are so complex, so thoughtful, so very very interesting. I could listen to The Last Match over and over and never tire of it.

About a month ago, their Peel Session from 2003 was posted on their Myspace page, and I've spent the afternoon relistening to these five wonderful cuts, complete with John Peel's brilliant commentary. I especially love his comments at the end of 'Long Division':

"If you were in one of your difficult moods, you could probably argue that there are lots of bands making that sort of noise, particularly in the United States of America, and you'd say, 'Why are the Aislers Set better than any of the others?'. And I'd have to say, 'Well, I don't really know - they just sort of are."

Rarely has a statement been so true! These songs possess that magic that's present in all their songs - spontaneous, yet so well versed; simple, yet layered with that rich organ and trumpet that lift their songs above all else. The Joy Division cover is brilliant, too!! Linton's blog entry about the recording is also great reading. Oh, it's making me nostalgic now - when, oh when will they make another record?

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