Tuesday, December 2, 2008

things that are great

1. Crystal Stilts - "Alight of Night"
This album arrived in the mail last week with my big order from Slumberland Records, and I'm well sold on it. I gave it a couple of listens in the car yesterday and the really heavy production sound won me over. I even scribbled down some notes whilst stuck in traffic/waiting at red lights/driving along the Inner City Bypass:

- Track 2, "Crystal Stilts", has this great great organ line that hits about halfway through the track, right out of nowhere. It's fantastic.

- Track 3, "Graveyard Orbit" - perfect title for this song. It's droney and reminds me of The Velvet Underground's "Black Angel's Death Song". In fact, I read a bit about Crystal Stilts today on the Slumberland page, and I could hear all the references in their songs - apart from VU, there's 13th Floor Elevators, Jesus & Mary Chain and Meat Whiplash all mixed in.

I think I had to drive properly after this point, but suffice to say, I am enjoying the rest of the album a great deal, and it's an album I'll be recommending to a wide range of music fans. I think it has very broad appeal.

2. The new Slumberland podcast
It's called "So Hard To Beat", and you can download it here. I listened to this on the way to work this morning, and it's very catchy. Slumberland podcasts can do no wrong, in my opinion. Favourite tracks? The Scientists' "Frantic Romantic" (although I am more of a "Shake Together" fan), the brilliant Sneaky Feelings track (will definitely have to hunt down their records now), and The Jasmine Minks song, which sounds a million times better than any other Jasmine Minks track I've ever heard.

3. The Pains of Being Pure At Heart's "Everything With You" video
Now this is what cool cats look like! Love love love!

4. Britpop revivals
Comes around every couple of months for me. Right now I am reviving Sleeper, Mansun and Rialto. Not sure if I should be admitting this, but I am thoroughly enjoying the experience.

And things that aren't so great? Having to facilitate a seven-hour long supplier meeting at work today. My brain is completely fried!


kidfrostbite said...

mansun - wow. that's a name i haven't heard in years. they did an in-store at the record shop i worked at in berkeley, but i've blocked it out...

Anonymous said...

Ooh yes Rialto.
I remember really liking the first few singles and the debut album wasn't bad either.
Must give it another spin. It's been ages.