Thursday, July 10, 2008

the hollowmen

The ABC's latest satirical comedy, The Hollowmen, debuted last night, and it was a corker of an episode. It's produced by Working Dog productions, who have previously brought the genius of Frontline and The Late Show to Australian viewers, and stars the inimitable Rob Sitch as a political adviser to the Prime Minister. It pinpointed bureaucracy like nothing else - all the buzzwords, shallow phrases, minions copping the blame for the ineptitude of others, etc. I'm hooked. Best of all, you can watch the episodes here!

I knew I'd be watching it without having seen a single episode, though, when I heard The Bats' "North by North" playing during the promos for the show. Turns out it's the theme! Best ever! Now, I've seen Robert Scott play solo, and I've seen Minisnap - when am I going to see the two merge and play a glorious set of their Flying Nun hits? Harrumph. Here's the original film clip for you - what a brilliant song:

Anyway, because I hold Rob Sitch, Tom Gleisner and co. in such high comedic regard, here's some classic Late Show for you, too. Champagne comedy!

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